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    F: Europan Campus Rottal-Inn

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    Robert Feicht, W. Stummer

    An explicit non-stationary stochastic growth model

    Chapter 7 of the book: O. de la Grandville (ed.), Economic Growth and Development, Frontiers of Economics and Globalization

    Economic growth and development, Bingley, UK, vol. 11


    ISBN: 978-1-78052-396-5

    F: Europan Campus Rottal-Inn

    Buch (Monographie)

    Robert Feicht, W. Stummer

    Complete closed-form solution to a stochastic growth model and corresponding speed of economic recovery

    IWQW Discussion Paper Nr. 5

    FAU Discussion Papers in Economics


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    We consider a continuous-time neoclassical one-sector stochastic growth model of Ramsey-type with CRRA utility and Cobb-Douglas technology, where each of the following components are exposed to exogeneous uncertainties (shocks): capital stock K, effectiveness of labor A, and labor force L; the corresponding dynamics is modelled by a system of three interrelated stochastic differential equations. For this framework, we solve completely explicitly the problem of a social planner who seeks to maximize expected lifetime utility of consumption. In particular, for any (e.g. short-term) time-horizon t > 0 we obtain in closed form the sample paths of the economy values Kt,At, Lt and the optimal consumption copt(Kt,At, Lt) as well as the non-equilibrium sample paths of the per capita effective capital stock kt = Kt / At Lt . Moreover, we also deduce explicitly the limiting long-term behaviour of kt expressed by the corresponding steady-state equilibrium distribution. As illustration, we present some Monte Carlo simulations where the abovementioned economy is considerably disturbed (out of equilibrium) by a sudden crash but recovers well within a realistic-size time-period.