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    M. Gebhardt, S. Schwab, M. Krammer, Andreas Gegenfurtner

    General and special education teachers' perceptions of teamwork in inclusive classrooms at elementary and secondary schools

    Journal of Educational Research Online, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 129-146


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    In inclusive classrooms teamwork and collaboration between general teachers and special education teachers are among the most important factors for stu-dent achievement. Yet, to date, little evidence exists on how teacher collaboration is implemented and whether general and special education teachers value their collaboration equally. The current study analyzes teacher collaboration in inclusive classrooms at elementary and secondary school levels. Participants were 191 general teachers and 130 special education teachers. The results suggest that all teachers were satisfi ed with their teamwork; differences between general and special education teachers were non-significant. Elementary school teachers had more positive perceptions than secondary school teachers. These findings are discussed in terms of their theoretical significance and their practical relevance for teacher education in inclusive classrooms.