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    Mouzhi Ge, W. Lewoniewski

    Developing the Quality Model for Collaborative Open Data

    Procedia Computer Science, vol. 176, pp. 1883-1892


    DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2020.09.228

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    Nowadays, the development of data sharing technologies allows to involve more people to collaboratively contribute knowledge on the Web. The shared knowledge is usually represented as Collaborative Open Data (COD), for example, Wikipedia is one of the well-known sources for COD. The Wikipedia articles can be written in different languages, updated in real time, and originated from a vast variety of editors. However, COD also bring different data quality problems such as data inconsistency and low data objectiveness due to the crowd-based and dynamic nature. These data quality problems such as biased information may lead to sentimental changes or social impacts. This paper therefore proposes a new measurement model to assess the quality of COD. In order to evaluate the proposed model, A preliminary experiment is conducted with a large scale of Wikipedia articles to validate the applicability and efficiency of this proposed quality model in the real-world scenario.