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    DigitalF: Angewandte InformatikS: TC Freyung


    S. Schmuderer, Roland Zink, W. Gamerith

    Citizen Participation via Digital Maps: A Comparison of Current Applications

    GI Forum - Journal of Geographic Information Science, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 34-46


    DOI: 10.1553/giscience2019_02_s34

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    The effects of digitization on social coexistence have been a subject of controversynot only since the increased use of social media for political campaigns. Digital platforms are also being developed which,from the perspective of spatial planning and geography,enhancecommunication between administrations and citizens at the local municipal level. These applications are being developedin relation to three areas:(1)the everyday experiences and competences of citizens in dealing with geomedia, especially the use of smartphones; (2)the individual process design for a particularparticipatory case; (3)the desired societal or local political benefit. This paperdeals with these three aspects and discusses five selected examples of how digital participation platforms can be designed to include the use of geomedia. Based on experiences with the proprietary development of the web application PUBinPLAN in particular and on itscomparisonwith other platforms, insights can be derived with regard to success factors as well as to opportunities and risks

    DigitalF: Elektrotechnik und MedientechnikS: TC Freyung


    Melanie Piser, S. Schmuderer

    Bürgerbeteiligung neu denken: transparent, einflussreich und digital


    6. Tag der Forschung, Deggendorf


    DigitalS: TC Freyung


    Melanie Piser, S. Schmuderer, Roland Zink

    Bürgerbeteiligung auf dem Land - das Beispiel PUBinPLAN

    Silicon Vilstal Mitmachfestival, Geisenhausen