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    Manuel Bogner, Alexander Hofer, Günther Benstetter, H. Gruber, R.Y.Q. Fu

    Differential 3ω method for measuring thermal conductivity of AIN and SI3N4 thin films

    Thin Solid Films, vol. 591 Part B, pp. 267-270


    DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2015.03.031

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    The thermal conductivity λ of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited Si3N4 and sputtered AlN thin films deposited on silicon substrates were obtained utilizing the differential 3ω method. A thin electrically conductive strip was deposited onto the investigated thin film of interest, and used as both a heater and a temperature sensor. To study the thickness dependent thermal conductivity of AlN and Si3N4 films their thickness was varied from 300 to 1000 nm. Measurements were performed at room temperature at a chamber pressure of 3.1 Pa. The measured thermal conductivity values of AlN and Si3N4 thin films were between 5.4 and 17.6 Wm− 1 K− 1 and 0.8 up to 1.7 Wm− 1 K− 1, respectively. The data were significantly smaller than that of the bulk materials found in literature (i.e., λAlN = 250–285 Wm− 1 K− 1, λSi3N4 = 30 Wm− 1 K− 1), due to the scaling effects, and also strongly dependent on film thickness, but were comparable with literature for the corresponding thin films.