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    R. Kircher, R. Palka, E. Fritz, K. Eiler, M. Witt, L. Blow, Johannes Klühspies

    Electromagnetic fields related to high speed transportation systems

    Transportation Systems and Technology, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 152-166


    DOI: 10.17816/transsyst201842152-166

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    Issue: The potential health risks on passengers and the environment related to electromagnetic fields caused by the operation of electrically driven high speed transportation systems has become a major issue. Especially the magnetic flux density or induction can generate physiological effects in body tissues. Aim: In this paper, we compare calculated and experimental values of electromagnetic fields in rail-wheel systems such as ICE with the Maglev-systems Transrapid and the JR Maglev-system, based on available data. Method: To estimate the impact on passengers, the field contributions generated by the power supply system as well as by the drive and suspension systems are taken into account. For the comparison, the peak values of the electromagnetic fields have been considered. Results: The results show, that there are no health risks from the electric fields. Regarding the magnetic induction, the calculated the peak values remain well below the limits given by national regulations. In the case of the Transrapid and the JR Maglev system, the measured peak values in the environment and inside the vehicle depend on the levitation and the guidance technology and the geometrical parameters. The JR Maglev system requires effective magnetic shielding measures which are connected with heavy materials. Since such materials may have a negative influence on the energy balance and the economics of operation, R&D efforts are focusing on the optimization of materials and the structure of shields. Conclusion: In high speed transportation systems there are no potential risks from electrical fields. Regarding magnetic fields, the induction generated by the power supply and the drive system remain well below the frequency dependent limits. The situation is different for magnetic levitation systems, depending on the suspension and guidance technology. Especially the JR Maglev requires effective shielding measures. The shielding materials may have a negative impact on the energy balance.


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    E. Fritz, R. Kircher, R. Palka, M. Witt, L. Blow, K. Eiler

    Electromagnetic Fields related to High Speed Transportation Systems

    ТРАНСПОРТНЫЕ СИСТЕМЫ И ТЕХНОЛОГИИ (Transportation Systems and Technology) - Conference Proceedings of Maglev2018 (5-8 September, 2018; St. Petersburg, Russia)