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    A. Dudkiewicz, A. Lehner, Q. Chaudhry, K. Molhave, G. Allmaier, K. Tiede, Boxall, A. B. A., Peter Hofmann, J. Lewis

    Development of a sample preparation approach to measure the size of nanoparticle aggregates by electron microscopy

    [Available online 29 November 2018]



    DOI: 10.1016/j.partic.2018.05.007

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    Electron microscopy (EM) is widely used for nanoparticle (NP) sizing. Following an initial assessment of two sample preparation protocols described in the current literature as “unperturbed”, we found that neither could accurately measure the size of NPs featuring a broad size distribution, e.g., aggregates. Because many real-world NP samples consist of aggregates, this finding was of considerable concern. The data showed that the protocols introduced errors into the measurement by either inducing agglomeration artefacts or providing a skewed size distribution towards small particles (skewing artefact). The focus of this work was to develop and apply a mathematical refinement to correct the skewing artefact. This refinement provided a much improved agreement between EM and a reference methodology, when applied to the measurement of synthetic amorphous silica NPs. Further investigation, highlighted the influence of NP chemistry on the refinement. This study emphasised the urgent need for greater and more detailed consideration regarding the sample preparation of NP aggregates to routinely achieve accurate measurements by EM. This study also provided a novel refinement solution applicable to the size characterisation of silica and citrate-coated gold NPs featuring broad size distributions. With further research, this approach could be extended to other NP types

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    A. Dudkiewicz, Boxall, A. B. A., Q. Chaudhry, K. Mølhave, K. Tiede, Peter Hofmann, Linsinger, T. P. J.

    Uncertainties of size measurements in electron microscopy characterization of nanomaterials in foods

    Food Chemistry, vol. 176, no. June 1, pp. 472-479


    DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2014.12.071

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    Electron microscopy is a recognized standard tool for nanomaterial characterization, and recommended by the European Food Safety Authority for the size measurement of nanomaterials in food. Despite this, little data have been published assessing the reliability of the method, especially for size measurement of nanomaterials characterized by a broad size distribution and/or added to food matrices. This study is a thorough investigation of the measurement uncertainty when applying electron microscopy for size measurement of engineered nanomaterials in foods. Our results show that the number of measured particles was only a minor source of measurement uncertainty for nanomaterials in food, compared to the combined influence of sampling, sample preparation prior to imaging and the image analysis. The main conclusion is that to improve the measurement reliability, care should be taken to consider replications and matrix removal prior to sample preparation.