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    C. Niu, Y. Zhang, Y. Cui, X. Li, W. Liu, W. Ni, H. Fan, N. Lu, Günther Benstetter, G. Lei, D. Liu

    Effect of temperature on the growth and surface bursting of He nano-bubbles in W under fusion-relevant He ion irradiations

    Fusion Engineering and Design, vol. 163, no. Available online 26 December 2020


    DOI: 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2020.112159

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    Under fusion-relevant He+ irradiations, the W surface temperature is one of the most important parameters for controlling the fuzz growth over the W divertor targets, which is associated with the surface bursting of He nano-bubbles. Using He reaction rate model in W, we investigate the effect of temperature on the growth and surface bursting of He nano-bubbles under low-energy (100 eV) and large-flux (∼1022/m2⋅s) He+ irradiations. Increasing the irradiation temperature from 750 to 2500 K leads to a significant change in both the radius of He nano-bubbles and He retention. At an elevated temperature, He solute atoms prefer to rapidly diffuse into He nano-bubbles, thus affecting their concentration, growth and surface bursting. The decrease in He retention is attributed to an increase in the hop rate of solute He atoms in the W top layer, resulting in the significant He release from the W surface. The radius and density of He nano-bubbles calculated by our model are consistent with our experimental observation.