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    DigitalMobilF: Elektrotechnik und MedientechnikS: TC Freyung


    Martin Steininger, Roland Zink, Gerald Kupris

    Genauigkeitsmessung verschiedener GNSS-Empfänger. Studie zur Nutzung von GNSS-Empfängern für autonomes Fahren


    5. Tag der Forschung, Deggendorf


    DigitalNachhaltigF: Elektrotechnik und Medientechnik


    Roland Zink, Martin Steininger

    Augmented Reality for Digital Geo-Based Participation to Integrate Citizens in Municipality Planning Processes

    Bavarian Journal of Applied Sciences, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 248-260


    DOI: 10.25929/zpn3-3v70

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    The effective participation of citizens is regarded as an essential aspect when social friction in spatial and regional planning is to be avoided. However, in which form participation should be enabled is often controversial and is currently undergoing a significant change as communication and spatial planning become increasingly digitized. Motivated by this social and economic relevance, this paper presents the development of the digital application PUBinPLAN which aims at rendering spatial planning processes more transparent and interactive. In order to meet this challenge, the approach combines the methods of Public Participation GIS, Crowdsourcing and Augmented Reality. As a browser solution (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, CakePHP), an application is created for both desktop and mobile use. In addition to the conceptual description of PUBinPLAN, this publication focuses on the Augmented Reality application which is developed as a hybrid app. In combination with Wikitude SDK the cross-platform Cordova is used as a development framework. First results show a 3D park bench from Trimble SketchUP 3D Warehouse visualized via Mobile Monitor Augmented Reality.

    MobilF: Elektrotechnik und Medientechnik

    Beitrag (Sammelband oder Tagungsband)

    Martin Steininger, Christoph Stephan, Christian Böhm, Fabian Sauer, Roland Zink

    Mapping the Surroundings as a Requirement for Autonomous Driving

    ACTA Polytechnica CTU Proceedings (Student Conference on Planning in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics [PAIR 2016]; Deggendorf), vol. Vol. 6