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    Agnes Nocon, D. Bergé, M. Astals, R. Martin-Santos, M. Torrens

    Psychiatric comorbidity in drug abusers admitted for detoxification: prevalence and implications

    European Addiction Research, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 192-200


    GesundF: Angewandte Gesundheitswissenschaften


    D. Bergé, F. Fonseca, G. Mateu, Agnes Nocon, M. Torrens

    Edad de inicio en el consumo de sustancias y gravedad clínica de la drogodependencia [Age of onset of substance use and clinical severity]

    Revista de Psiquiatría de la Facultad de Medicina de Barcelona, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 166-172


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    The aim of this study is to confirm the hypothesis of more psychiatric and somatic (HIV, HCV) comorbidity, more psycho-social severity and worst global functioning in patients with early-onset of illicit substance use (before 18 years old), in an inpatient detoxification unit. All ca- ses admitted to a detoxification unit during a 20 years study period (n=2883) were studied prospectively, comparing those patients with an onset of substance use before 18 years old (early-onset) with the rest of the patients, considering socio-demographic and substance use characteristics, psychiatric comorbidity, somatic complications (HCV, HIV), psycho-social severity and glo- bal functioning and outcome characteristics. Early-onset substance users (EOSU) had more number of substance use disorders, more frequently presented opioids, cannabis and sedatives related disorders and presented more Axis II comorbidity, concretely antisocial and borderline PD diagnostics. EOSU had also more HIV and HCV infection, more previous overdoses, more arrests and imprisonments, a lower score in GAF Scale, and were more frequently unemployed in comparison to late- onset substance users.