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    Dieter Melchart, A. Eustachi, Stephan Gronwald, Erich Wühr, K. Wifling, B. Bachmeier

    Introduction of a web portal for an Individual Health Management and observational health data sciences

    Patient Related Outcome Measures (PROM), vol. 9, no. June, pp. 183-196


    DOI: 10.2147/PROM.S157410

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    Background There is a global trend to a stronger active involvement of persons in the maintenance and restoring of health. The Competence Centre for Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy (CoCoNat) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed a lifestyle concept to enable each individual to manage his or her health – Individual Health Management (IHM) – and a web-based health portal named Virtual Tool for Education, Reporting, Information and Outcomes (VITERIO®), which addresses these needs for practice and research. Objectives The objectives of this study were to establish a core set of questionnaires for a self-assessment program on certain risk indications and comprehensive protection factors of health and to develop and enhance 1) tools for individual feedback, longitudinal self-monitoring, self-assessment, and (self-)care-planning; 2) training packages; 3) open notes and records for provider and patient; and 4) tools for monitoring groups and single participants in various indicators for individual coaching and scientific evaluation. Methods The CoCoNat of TUM, Faculty for Applied Health Science of Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, VITERIO® company, IHM campus network, and Erich Rothenfußer Foundation, Munich, provide a consortium responsible for content, research strategy, technical production and implication, postgraduate education for IHM coaches, implementation of IHM in various settings, and funding resources. Results A data set of indicators for health screening and self-monitoring of findings, symptoms, health behavior, and attitudes are integrated into a web-based health portal named VITERIO®. The article introduces some implemented graphical solutions of developed tools and gives examples for daily use. Conclusion Behavioral change and adaptation in attitudes and personal values are difficult issues of health education and lifestyle medicine. To address this problem best, the implementation of a patient-centric, performance measures-based program including open records and a blended learning concept were elaborated. The combination of an individual web-based health portal with personal coaching allows the implementation of IHM in everyday practice.

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    Engelbert Hofbauer, Rolf Rascher, K. Wühr, Felix Friedke, Thomas Stubenrauch, B. Pastötter, S. Schleich, C. Zöcke

    3D-optical measurement system using vignetting aperture procedure

    Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 9132


    DOI: 10.1117/12.2052631

    F: Angewandte Gesundheitswissenschaften


    K. Ott, Erich Wühr

    Klinische Untersuchungen über funktionelle Störungen bei Patienten mit marginaler Parodontitis

    Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift (DZZ), vol. 37