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    Roland Zink, Stefan Küspert, Johannes Haselberger, Anna Marquardt, Sebastian Schröck

    Interaktives GIS-Framework für partizipative Raumplanungsverfahren

    AGIT - Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, no. 2, pp. 488-497


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    Social frictions in major infrastructural projects are the motivation for the presented framework for the technical implementation of public participation in spatial planning processes. Although regulated by law, these spatial planning processes are often accused of disregarding the wishes and sensitivities of citizens. At the same time, this raises the question, how extensively classi-cal forms of participation are used by citizens. New Media and particularly Geographic Information Systems offer these innovative methods to bring plans closer to citizens and to make the planning understandable. To meet these demands, the presented framework is combining methods of Public Participatory GIS with Crowdsourcing and Augmented Reality. First results show, that especially municipalities have a high interest in using the new procedure in their development processes.