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    Jakob Reitberger, Rolf Rascher, Johannes Liebl, Sebastian Sitzberger

    Zero-point clamping systems in optical production

    Proceedings of SPIE 11171 (Sixth European Seminar on Precision Optics Manufacturing, 1117101 [April 9th-10th 2019, Teisnach]), Bellingham, WA, USA


    DOI: 10.1117/12.2528774

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    Zero point clamping systems are an integral part of the manufacturing industry. They have only yet to find their way into the optical industry. This article compares the hydraulic expansion holder, a clamping system currently used in the optical industry with a zero-point clamping system. The achievable accuracies of both systems are compared over several measurement series. In addition, the process capability evaluation is used for the comparison. Finally, the results are summarized to provide every researcher and practitioner with a foundation for assessing whether zero point clamping systems meet the requirements for the use in optical manufacturing.