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    J. Schmidt, K. Gruber, M. Klingler, C. Klöckl, Luis Ramirez Camargo, P. Regner, O. Turkovska, S. Wehrle, E. Wetterlund

    A new perspective on global renewable energy systems: why trade in energy carriers matters

    Energy & Environmental Science, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 2022-2029


    DOI: 10.1039/C9EE00223E

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    Recent global modelling studies suggest a decline of long-distance trade in energy carriers in future global renewable energy systems, compared to today's fossil fuel based system. In contrast, we identify four drivers that facilitate trade of renewable energy carriers. These drivers may lead to trade volumes remaining at current levels or even to an increase during the transition to an energy system with very high shares of renewables. First, new land-efficient technologies for renewable fuel production become increasingly available and technically allow for long-distance trade in renewables. Second, regional differences in social acceptance and land availability for energy infrastructure support the development of renewable fuel import and export streams. Third, the economics of renewable energy systems, i.e. the different production conditions globally and the high costs of fully renewable regional electricity systems, will create opportunities for spatial arbitrage. Fourth, a reduction of stranded investments in the fossil fuel sector is possible by switching from fossil fuels to renewable fuel trade. The impact of these drivers on trade in renewable energy carriers is currently under-investigated by the global energy systems research community. The importance of the topic, in particular as trade can redistribute profits and losses of decarbonization and may hence support finding new partners in climate change mitigation negotiations, warrants further research efforts in this area therefore.

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    R. Marschallinger, P. Schmidt, Peter Hofmann, C. Zimmer, P. Atkinson, J. Sellner, E. Trinka, M. Mühlau

    A MS-lesion pattern discrimination plot based on geostatistics

    Brain and Behaviour, vol. 6, no. 3


    NachhaltigF: Angewandte Naturwissenschaften und WirtschaftsingenieurwesenS: TC Teisnach Sensorik


    J. Landskron, K. Schmidt, Maria Kufner, G. Lindner

    Stable vortex generation in liquid filled wells by mode conversion of surface acoustic waves

    Physics Procedia, vol. 70, no. Proceedings of the 2015 ICU International Congress on Ultrasonics, Metz, France, pp. 98-101


    DOI: 10.1016/j.phpro.2015.08.051

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    The formation of stable vortex flow pattern has been observed at liquid filled aluminum wells of 15 to 30 mm diameter when Lamb waves are excited on the bottom of the wells by piezoelectric transducers operated at a frequency of 1 MHz. The shape of the vortex pattern changed with the position of the transducer. Strong differences in mixing times were observed between water and ethanol when the filling level was changed and a remarkable reduction of mixing time was achieved by the addition of a small amount of detergent to water at small filling levels. Besides mixing of liquids thermal equilibration within a liquid volume was accelerated by acoustic streaming.

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    Beitrag (Sammelband oder Tagungsband)

    J. Paulus, G. Michelson, Marcus Barkowsky, J. Hornegger, B. Eskofier, M. Schmidt

    Measurement of Individual Changes in the Performance of Human Stereoscopic Vision for Disparities at the Limits of the Zone of Comfortable Viewing

    2013 International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV 2013)


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    3D displays enable immersive visual impressions but the impact on the human perception still is not fully understood. Viewing conditions like the convergence-accommodation (C-A) conflict have an unnatural influence on the visual system and might even lead to visual discomfort. As visual perception is individual we assumed the impact of simulated 3D content on the visual system to be as well. In this study we aimed to analyze the stereoscopic visual performance of 17 subjects for disparities inside and outside the in literature defined zone of comfortable viewing to provide an individual evaluation of the impact of increased disparities on the performance of the visual system. Stereoscopic stimuli were presented in a four-alternative forced choice (4AFC) setup in different disparities. The response times as well as the correct decision rates indicated the performance of stereoscopic vision. The results showed that increased disparities lead to a decline in performance. Further, the impact of the presented disparities is dependent on the difficulty of the task. The decline of performance as well as the deciding disparities for the decline were subject dependent.

    F: Elektrotechnik und Medientechnik


    M. Leghissa, B. Gromoll, J. Rieger, M. Oomen, H.-W. Neumüller, Reinhard Schlosser, H. Schmidt, W. Knorr, M. Meinert, U. Henning

    Development and Application of Superconducting Transformers

    Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, vol. 372-376, no. Part 3, pp. 1688-1693


    DOI: 10.1016/S0921-4534(02)01102-4

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    Superconducting transformers are an important innovation for future power transmission and transportation systems. Powerful, lightweight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly they offer enormous benefits compared to their conventional counterparts. Siemens is developing a 1-MVA demonstrator transformer for laboratory testing, exhibiting innovative features like horizontal design, cabled-conductor windings and a closed cooling cycle with sub-cooled nitrogen. Being one of the most promising applications Siemens has started a programme towards the development of on-board transformers for electrical rail vehicles. This paper summarises world-wide efforts in the development of superconducting transformers and reports on the progress achieved at Siemens.