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    M. Drauschke, J. Bartelsen, Patrick Reidelstürz

    Towards UAV-Based Forest Monitoring

    Proceedings of the Workshop on UAV-based Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Vegetation, 09.-10.09.2013, Köln


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    In this paper, we describe two experiments regarding the monitoring of a test site in the Bavarian Forest National Park using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and we show their results. In the first experiment, we show that it is possible to relatively orient the RGB images acquired by a small UAV in power glider configuration without any flight stabilisation and without integrated navigation system (INS) initial values. This enables a 3D scene reconstruction, i.e., we obtain a point cloud showing distinctive 3D points. A much denser point cloud showing trees with branches can be derived from dense image matching. In the second experiment, we demonstrate how multispectral imagery can be interpreted on demand, i.e., without producing an ortho-mosaic, but using reliable features and a powerful classifier. With our algorithm, we follow up the aim to detect bark beetle attack in an early infection stage in Sitka spruce, Picea sitchensis, in the Bavarian Forest National Park.