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    J Chirazi, Kristina Wanieck, P. Fayemi, C. Zollfrank, S. Jacobs

    What Do We Learn from Good Practices of Biologically Inspired Design in Innovation?

    Applied Sciences, vol. 9, no. 4


    DOI: 10.3390/app9040650

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    Biologically inspired design (BID) is an emerging field of research with increasing achievements in engineering for design and problem solving. Its economic, societal, and ecological impact is considered to be significant. However, the number of existing products and success stories is still limited when compared to the knowledge that is available from biology and BID research. This article describes success factors for BID solutions, from the design process to the commercialization process, based on case studies and market analyses of biologically inspired products. Furthermore, the paper presents aspects of an effective knowledge transfer from science to industrial application, based on interviews with industrial partners. The accessibility of the methodological approach has led to promising advances in BID in practice. The findings can be used to increase the number of success stories by providing key steps toward the implementation and commercialization of BID products, and to point out necessary fields of cooperative research.