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    NachhaltigF: Angewandte Naturwissenschaften und WirtschaftsingenieurwesenS: TC Teisnach Sensorik


    H.-J. Guttmann, Maria Kufner, S. Kufner, L. Ross, A. Weinert

    Passive optical component for use as combiner in optical plug connection system for connection of light wave spacer in high speed fiber lasers, has support substrate halves connected with guide halves such the guide halves form wave guides


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    The optical component (2), in particular a passive component (2) with an optical waveguide pattern (18) integrated in a carrier substrate (4), is designed in particular as a combiner for a high-power fiber laser. The device (2) has two preferably identical planar carrier substrate halves (4A, 4B) with integrated waveguide halves (6A, 6B) formed by field-enhanced ion diffusion. The two carrier substrate halves (4A, 4B) are bonded together without the use of a polymeric adhesive such that the respective waveguide halves (6A, 6B) form a waveguide (6). As a result, a higher design possibility in the formation of the waveguide pattern (18) is possible in comparison to conventional fusible couplers and it can be coupled to a variety of common types of optical fiber, including those that can not be used in fused couplers.