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    C. Yang, D. Souchay, M. Kneiß, Manuel Bogner, H. Wei, M. Lorenz, O. Oeckler, Günther Benstetter, Y. Fu, M. Grundmann

    Transparent flexible thermoelectric material based on non-toxic earth-abundant p-type copper iodide thin film

    nature COMMUNICATIONS, no. July, pp. 1-7


    DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1607

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    Thermoelectric devices that are flexible and optically transparent hold unique promise for future electronics. However, development of invisible thermoelectric elements is hindered by the lack of p-type transparent thermoelectric materials. Here we present the superior room-temperature thermoelectric performance of p-type transparent copper iodide (CuI) thin films. Large Seebeck coefficients and power factors of the obtained CuI thin films are analysed based on a single-band model. The low-thermal conductivity of the CuI films is attributed to a combined effect of the heavy element iodine and strong phonon scattering. Accordingly, we achieve a large thermoelectric figure of merit of ZT=0.21 at 300 K for the CuI films, which is three orders of magnitude higher compared with state-of-the-art p-type transparent materials. A transparent and flexible CuI-based thermoelectric element is demonstrated. Our findings open a path for multifunctional technologies combing transparent electronics, flexible electronics and thermoelectricity.