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    F: Angewandte Wirtschaftswissenschaften


    B. Schiemann, U. Egly, Josef Schneeberger

    Technical Documentation Authoring Based on Semantic Web Methods

    KI (Künstliche Intelligenz), no. 2, pp. 56-59


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    We present a project utilizing semantic web based technologies in order to create annotated technical documentation. Integrating a domain specific ontology into an industry strength single-source-publishing system helps authors and editors creating and publishing technical documentations in a collaborative environment. Accompanying the editorial process, we semi-automatically generate semantic annotations of textual modules. These annotations are utilized for multiple purposes. Similar portions of text can be detected and unified forming one single building block. This reduces the effort necessary for quality control and translations, and enables completeness checks, which helps authors to create high quality technical descriptions from scratch. Focusing on our end user scenarios, we demonstrate positive effects, usability, and integration features of the developed ontology.

    F: Angewandte Wirtschaftswissenschaften

    Beitrag (Sammelband oder Tagungsband)

    B. Schiemann, Josef Schneeberger

    Inhaltsausgezeichnete Erstellung und Publikation technischer Dokumentationen

    Berliner XML Tage 2003, 13.-15. Oktober 2003 in Berlin, Berlin