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    B. Neudecker, P. Wimmer, Matthias Huber, T. Hamacher

    Economic Assessment of Range Extension Technologies for BEVs in 2020

    Proceedings of the Conference on Future Automotive Technology, Focus Electromobility


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    This paper focusses on an energy economic analysis of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), specifically investigating their means to extend the driving range on long distance trips in the year 2020. Three range extension technologies – fast charging, battery switching and driving with an on-board micro internal combustion engine – are hereby compared. The implemented simulation tool ZEVS models the particularities of BEVs in 27 European countries, whereby specifically the methodologies for modelling the daily driving habits of medium and long distance trips and the additional power demand for heating (winter) and cooling (summer) are described. The resulting load curves are then incorporated in a further modelling tool, URBS-EU, which simulates a cost minimal power plant portfolio supplying renewable energy to BEV power demand. An in-depth results analysis shows that BEVs with battery switch technology are responsible for the least amount of CO2 emissions, have the lowest primary energy generation costs and integrate renewable energy feed-in most efficiently in comparison to the other two range extension alternatives.