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    D. Festner, Andreas Gegenfurtner, B. Meier, A. Babichenko, J. Huber, T. Koch, B. Morgenthaler, S. Schmid, F. Scheider, H. Gruber

    Transfer of training and its determinants

    A study conducted in the domain of occupational health and safety

    4th EARLI Special Interest Group (SIG) 14 Learning and Professional Development Conference, Jyväskylä, Finnland


    Elektrotechnik und Medientechnik


    Martin Jogwich, B. Huber, K. Wiesemann

    A Spectroscopic Study of Double Electron Transfer from Cu to ArIII in an ECR-Microwave Discharge

    Zeitschrift für Physik D: Atoms, Molecules and Clusters, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 171-179


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    We present spectroscopic measurements of rate coefficients for the population of the ArI 6d[3/2] o and 8s[3/2] o states by two electron transfer from sputtered Cu to Ar2+ in an ECR microwave discharge. Rate coefficients are obtained from absolutely measured line intensities using a modified corona model. Though the binding energies of these states differ by 8 meV only the probability of populating the 6d level exceeds by a factor of ten that of populating the 8s level. This is attributed to an energy resonance between the two electrons when promoting to their final levels. The cross section for this two electron transfer comes out to be of the order of 10−15 to 10−14 cm2.