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    DigitalElektrotechnik und MedientechnikInstitut ProtectIT

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    Martin Schramm, D. Fiala, Amar Almaini, Laurin Dörr, Michael Heigl

    Incident Reaction Based on Intrusion Detections’ Alert Analysis

    Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Applied Electronics (AE) 2018 (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic; September 11-12, 2018)


    DOI: 10.23919/AE.2018.8501419

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    The protection of internetworked systems by cryptographic techniques have crystallized as a fundamental aspect in establishing secure systems. Complementary, detection mechanisms for instance based on Intrusion Detection Systems has established itself as a fundamental part in holistic security eco-systems in the previous years. However, the interpretation of and reaction on detected incidents is still a challenging task. In this paper an incident handling environment with relevant components and exemplary functionality is proposed that involves the processes from the detection of incidents over their analysis to the execution of appropriate reactions. An evaluation of a selection of implemented interacting components using technology such as OpenFlow or Snort generally proofs the concept.

    DigitalElektrotechnik und MedientechnikInstitut ProtectIT


    Amar Almaini

    Authentication and port scan mitigation in the Software Defined Network Switches


    6. Tag der Forschung, Deggendorf