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    K. Brunnström, I. Sedano, K. Wang, Marcus Barkowsky, M. Kihl, P. Le Callet, Patrick, M. Sjöström, A. Aurelius

    2D No-Reference Video Quality Model Development and 3D Video Transmission Quality

    Sixth International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics for Consumer Electronics - VPQM 2012 (Jan 2012; Scottsdale, AZ, USA)


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    This presentation will target two different topics in video quality assessment. First, we discuss 2D no-reference video quality model development. Further, we discuss how to find suitable quality for 3D video transmission. No-reference metrics are the only practical option for monitoring of 2D video quality in live networks. In order to decrease the development time, it might be possible to use full-reference metrics for this purpose. In this work, we have evaluated six full-reference objective metrics in three different databases. We show statistically that VQM performs the best. Further, we use these results to develop a lightweight no-reference model. We have also investigated users' experience of stereoscopic 3D video quality by performing the rating of two subjective assessment datasets, targeting in one dataset efficient transmission in the transmission error free case and error concealment in the other. Among other results, it was shown that, based on the same level of quality of experience, spatial down-sampling may lead to better bitrate efficiency while temporal down-sampling will be worse. When network impairments occur, traditional error 2D concealment methods need to be reinvestigated as they were outperformed switching to 2D presentation.